Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post 1155 - Everything in Moderation

Effective immediately, for reasons to be discussed in a moment, all blog post comments will be moderated by me.

It seems I have attracted a troll, not just here, but on my Facebook. 

When I published an interview last month, she publicized it on her Facebook.  One of her "friends" made a pretty hateful remark directed at Patricia and me.  He sent it directly to Patricia.  He then started to write me some pretty ignorant remarks.  We blocked him in Facebook.

Then, he began to target this blog.

I just deleted the comments, hoping he would get the hint.  But in the last few days, his output has increased to the point where I must do something about it.  His level of illiteracy is such that it doesn't matter what blogger username he selects for himself.  The remarks shine forth like a beacon, smell like month-old fish, and have more errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar that it makes me think he went to a private school.  I can just recognize this man's vile work.  I have left his most recent comments; he can delete them himself.  As you can see, he doesn't like gay people very much.

I have, therefore, reluctantly added comment moderation to this blog.  If you want to write me, go ahead.  If you want to disagree with something I write about, fill your boots.  Write whatever polite comments about whatever I write here.  I can take it.  But I will manually approve any and all such comments from now on.  Minus that, the comments will not be visible to you, my trusted and beloved readers.

The new policy has already spared you guys 2 comments from my friend.  It sure is fun to reject them for publication here.  Keep them coming, my friend.  I look forward to rejecting more and more. 

Have a real nice day, everyone.  And a special lovely day wish to "Nsducktoller" and "Gary". 



theajthomas said...

The worst part of this whole thing is that he isn't very good. I would have hoped that a blog of this quality would have attracted an equally excellent troll. This guy sounds like the first cut from poo poo jokes night at Jr high gong show. I'm sorry for what he said but even more for how poorly he said it. You deserve a higher caliber of troll bevboy and the fact that you didn't get it may be the greatest indignity of all.

Bevboy said...

Thanks very much, AJ. You're a true friend.

Ken said...

Even trolls can be defeated! Blog on, my friend!


Bevboy said...

Thanks,Ken. Appreciate your support.


Glenda said...

Hi Bev,
I just read your most recent post about a troll, which to me is one of those little pesty creatures that lived under the bridge and tried to scare people away. I must say that this troll is going to have a very hard time in scaring away anyone. And whomever it might be, might be interested in using a dictionary and thesaurus to help make intelligent comments.
Take care and keep smiling:)

Bevboy said...

Thanks,sis. Was just going to institute moderation and not talk about why. But this guy has been such an irritant that I felt I had to discuss him a bit.