Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post 1162 – Quick Blog Update

I have lined up another interview, this one for next Friday, the 26th.  Another person is out of town and will contact me upon her return.  This is the first person best known for her years on television than on radio, and I’m looking forward.

You know, I really should give Ian Robinson a finder’s fee for helping me arrange these interviews.  He’s got 25 years of experience in radio, and knows everybody.  He’s from Cape Breton and probably asks everyone he meets, “Who’s your father?”  If you’re from Cape Breton, you’ll get that joke.  Ahem.

Did another spin class after work last night, my 5th in two weeks.  Not bad, but I can try to up that a bit next week, as I want to do at least 3. 

After I got home, we watched the second X-Files movie, which I had borrowed from the library a week ago, and which is due today.  Glad I didn’t see it in theatres.  Glad I didn’t buy or rent the dvd.  Glad I didn’t see it on my movie channels, even though I pay one monthly fee for that.  Glad I did see it for free through a library borrowing.  I am already forgetting what it was about, although there were some nice touches of humour here and there.  I think even Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny would agree that it’s time to put the characters to rest.

Heading out for a bit.  Seeya later.


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Unknown said...

For clarification it's "What's yer father's name?" and the conventional logic was that if you knew who the father was you'd know the religion & voting history of the person in question. For some it was to figure out if it was going to be incest....