Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post 1163 – A Small (Facebook) World

Slept in but was determined to do some outside work today.  Whilst Patricia raked the lawn, I cleaned out my car, finding the other half of that submarine sandwich I put aside about 6 months ago and planned to get back to.  It’s a little worse for wear and tear, but looks perfectly edible. 

While I was outside, my BlackBerry told me that I had a Facebook message.  Two, actually.  One was from the guy I’ll be interviewing at Friday, just firming up the questions.  One was from… well, I’m getting ahead of my story.

I started this blog in late 2007.  About a year later, I began to receive blog post comments from a fellow who it turns out was in California.  These comments came quite regularly for a while.  I found out his name was Ben, and he had discovered this here silly little blog by accident, but had become a fan, to use his word.

The comments stopped in early 2009, but a few months later I learned what had happened.  Ben had become sick and was seeking treatment in another state.  With other things on his mind much more important than reading a silly little blog,  But I heard from him a bit later, when he told me that his wife had started a blog of her own.

I kept up on Ben’s treatment updates via his lovely wife’s posts.  From time to time I’d post a comment, and Ben would write back.  It was nice to hear from my far-away friend. 

The blog updates stopped in January of 2010.  I’d write but heard nothing.  I hoped that my friend was doing well.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  I was doing some yard work after having cleaned out my car and finding the other half of that submarine sandwich, when I got a Facebook friend request on my BlackBerry from… Ben!  I accepted it right away, of course. 

We’ve been getting caught up over the last few hours.  Told him I update this blog pert near every day.  He’ll have to take a month to read all the posts he’s missed.  I just hope he doesn’t neglect his family during this important online pilgrimage!

People go on about how social networking sites like twitter and Facebook and Myspace are wrecking society.  How people are revealing things about themselves they wouldn’t repeat to the guy sitting next to them on the bus, or would be reluctant to discuss with their physicians.  How companies are trolling these places trying to find employees or would-be employees in compromising situations, all in an effort not to hire these candidates, or to justify dismissing someone.  I get all that.  But, except for the recent experience with my little troll friend, I have had virtually no problems.  I have found many old friends, or had many old friend locate me.  I have reignited many old friendships as a result of my tweets, my facebook updates, and this silly little blog.   I have been blessed in so many ways, been so lucky, and had so much fun interacting with these folks, that I wish I had started it all sooner.

Ben, please keep in touch, my friend.  We have much to catch up on!



Unknown said...

You know I agree with your opinion on the connecting & reconnecting that the social nets allow...

I've kept in touch with many of my cousins and long lost friends and have made many many more because of my [3,050+]facebook, [225+850 SMU Alumni]linkedin, [1,100+ followers]on twitter and 11 blogs that I own & write for ... as was commented earlier this week ... I have a digital foot print!

After 3 years... I've yet to have a single problem [knock on wood]

Keep up your writing, your style is unique & your 'Radio Interviews' are worthy of a book some day!

Bevboy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Les. Except for the troll, who seems to have gone away, I have had no problems with my online presence.

Well... maybe one other, but that's a tale for another day.

If you have any connections with book publishers, Les, send them to me. Frig, you have connections with everybody else!