Monday, March 22, 2010

Post 1164 - A Broken Promise

9 days ago, on March 13th, we bought a pizza at a local pizza place called Pizzatown.  Check out the website if you want to.

It was great pizza, from a place that's not always great.  But, they're under new ownership, again, and as an opening salvo in the local pizza wars have made all pizza products 50% off for the month of March.  The owner is a nice guy, and the quality is back to where it should have been the last couple of years, and the prices are as well. 

Anyway, I had promised the owner that I would discuss the wonderful experience here on the blog, and gave him a Bevboy's Blog business card so that he could find this little corner of paradise.  But I forgot to write about Pizzatown until today.  I'm sorry, my friend.  I hope that this effusive praise makes up for my tardiness and forgetfulness.

When it comes to Pizzatown, what's not to like?  Check out Pizzatown in Lakeside, Nova Scotia.  Tell them Bevboy's Blog sent you!  They won't know what you're talking about, but they should enjoy the alliteration!


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