Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post 1166 - Operation: See Feet -- Spin Spin Spin!

I have done, um, 7 spin classes in the last few weeks.  This evening, I was asked if I had lost some weight.  As of a week ago, I had lost just under 4 pounds.  I have likely lost a pound or 2 since then. 

Slow and steady. 

I plan to do another spin class tomorrow after work, making 3 spin classes for this week.  Lucky #8.   I'll hit my 10th spin class next week.  

Operation: See Feet is well under way!

Actually, it's kind of funny, these spin classes.  My dental hygienist spins as well, and I'll see her.  Turns out that she knows several guys I work with.  My world is getting ever smaller.  

In other news, a friend at work has suggested a blog post which I'll do this weekend.  John: It will take some preparation time, and picture taking, and brain wracking to come up with the stories behind the items you want me to discuss.  I am not sure if it can be done in one post.  People complain if these posts are really long (except for the interviews, which are long anyway).  I'll be visiting my parents in the Valley on Saturday, and am busy on Friday  conducting the next blog interview, so it looks like Sunday will be the earliest I can write it.  I hope the wait will have been worth it for you.  At least you got your name mentioned in the blog! 

Another post in a bit.  Hold on.


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