Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post 1168 - Tomorrow

Just preparing for tomorrow’s interview.  Thought you might want to see my checklist.

Item Prepared?
Digital cameras, both of them Yes
Digital camcorder Yes
Digital Voice Recorder Yes
Extra batteries (all rechargeable). AA and AAA Yes
Battery charger, just in case Yes
Spare alkaline batteries, just in case Yes
Questions, printed off Yes
Bevboy’s Blog business cards to distribute to radio station staff Yes
CD’s to give to Tom Bedell and Bob Powers Yes

This is what I do for each interview.  It is quite a process, and is constantly refined as I figure out how to do things better.  Everything is a work in progress.  After all, this is rapidly becoming my life’s work. 

The CD’s contain copies of the text, video, audio and pictures that I take for every interview. I give the subjects a cd containing that stuff after I publish the final interview. 

Getting an oil change for my car tomorrow at 7:30.  No rest for the weary.

Another spin class tonight, my third this week.  Like I said: No rest for the weary.


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