Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post 1171 – More Hitler Ranting

Of course, there are many Hitler rants videos on youtube.  It’s the same footage shown over and over, only the subtitles are changed.  Still funny, though.

This rant will make little sense unless you live in the Halifax area.  There is a small but vocal minority trying to oppose the construction of a new convention centre in the downtown.  This new centre would replace what is about to become… two city blocks of nothing.  The old MIdtown Tavern occupied one block; the former Chronicle Herald building, ugly as sin even when they were keeping it up, occupies the other.  They’re clearing both blocks now. 

People who oppose change are called many things, but the polite term is “naysayers”.   Naysayers have a legitimate place in our society.  If not for them, you would have no effective opposition to any fool thing that a ruling party wants to do.  In Halifax, to use but one example, it was the naysayers who managed, 40 or so years ago, to convince the city not to raze the waterfront district for a highway, meaning that we have the Historic Properties section, a lovely part of our city.   I have time and respect for naysayers.

However, I think they’re wrong on this one.  The CH building was empty and ugly.  Tear it down.  The Midtown Tavern property was 60+ years old and needed work to make it look more modern.  The ownership of the property and what would become of it had been a bone of contention with the city and the family that owned it, pitting sibling against sibling, all because the patriarch did not have a firm succession plan in place.  I don’t know the Grant family.  I just hope that the siblings can one day make peace with each other.  Those rifts are hard to heal.

Anyway, I believe that a new convention centre is a good thing for Halifax.  Empty lots do not attract tourists; it turns them off.  A nice new convention centre would attract conventions, big ones,to our environs.  It would make surrounding properties up their own antes.  It would create construction jobs at a time when they’re needed.

Here’s Hitler’s reaction to the “naysayers”.


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