Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post 1174 -More Holly

My friend Kirk and I attended Holly's visitation tonight.  I can't get over how she was able to pack so much life into 31 years. This woman could have ended up making a major difference in society.  I really believe that.  And, now, we're preparing to go to her funeral on Thursday.

Life just doesn't make sense sometimes.

As part of our Toastmasters meeting this week, we'll have a tribute to Holly.  We are all so glad to have had the pleasure of knowing her, if only for 90 minutes a week.  Our friend, lapsed member AJ, a minister, will speak about Holly and offer us some comfort during this trying time.

This is the point where I tell the story about this blog, and Holly.  About a year ago, at a Toastmasters speech contest in which I participated, Holly pulled me aside and asked me about this blog, and whether I might entertain a guest post or two from her.  I said we could talk about it.  I didn't say no.  I was just taken a bit aback.  I guess being a blogger was one more thing that Holly wanted to do, one more thing to check off her bucket list.   I'm sorry that I didn't pursue that with her further: I might have had some serious blogging competition.  Who knows what stories she would have had to tell!

Coulda.  Shoulda.  Woulda. 

I'm sorry.  I just don't feel like writing any more.



Bevboy said...

From my friend Rose:

Hey Bev!

Saw your blog. Cool!

Wanted to comment on Holly's video but can't find my google password (hardly use it and too tired to get a new one.)
This what I was going to post. Stick it on if you feel like it.

Thanks for posting this Bev. I can just imagine Holly regaling the angels with her witty stories. You keep chatting, Holly. Hold the floor until we get there.
Rose P.

Hope you have a less sad day tomorrow, Bev.

Take care.

Candace said...

I didn't get a chance to know Holly as well as you did but she left quite an impression on me. I'm sending you a big bear hug from Korea.


This is what I posted on her eobituary.


When I returned from overseas I met several new members of my old Toastmasters club, Holly was one of those people. She made quite an impression on me.

Her love of life, tenacity and beautiful spirit jumped out and gave a friendly "Hello". I remember having the honour of evaluating her first speech, she did a fantastic job of telling us her life story. Sometimes when people talk about being blind they are angry or are looking for pity, but not Holly, she was just the opposite. She exuded a firey can-do attitude that inspires people to go out and achieve their own dreams. She was a living example of the strength of the human spirit. Even though she is no longer with us, her memory will continue to inspire me. You can do anything you set your mind to, Holly certainly did.

For me she was one of those people who after you meet them you tell yourself, "That person is awesome, I want to get to know them better." After being back in Canada for a few months I moved back overseas. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to know her as well as I would have liked.

Her life was short but she experienced more in 31 years than many people do with much more time. My heart goes out to Holly's family, friends and loved ones.

Warm regards,
Candace Donovan
Incheon, South Korea

Candace said...

I didn't get a chance to know Holly as well as you but she made quite an impression on me. I'm sending you a big hug of love and support to you from Korea. Feel it?


Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing, Candace. It's been a very long day for us all.

Yes, I felt the hug. :-)