Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post 1175 – A Terrible Dilemma

So, this morning, before work, I had to take my car in, in order to have a couple of tires replaced.  It’s life.

My dilemma, what was causing me undue stress and aggravation, was: What radio station should I tune my radio to, in order to impress the mechanic who would be servicing my car?

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing!

Let me explain.

I listen to a bunch of radio stations when I’m drivin’ around.  It depends on my mood, or what song a particular station may or may not be playing.  In the run of a drive to and from work, I usually switch stations 6 or 7 times.  This would include, of course, the few minutes I try to listen to WCBS, 880AM, in order to hear Joe Connolly’s droll financial report.  I wrote about him last year.

The question remains: Which of these myriad stations would most impress the mechanic who works on my car?

Q104 would seem the obvious, although perhaps cliched, choice.  Lots of mechanics like classic rock and adore Greasy Gary.  Gary told me last year that he had been told that mechanics and construction workers don’t start work until Greasy  Gary’s finished his morning bit, around 7:20.  You really can’t go wrong with Q104.

Hal FM?  Well, maybe.  They play older-skewing classic rock, with much less patter which might be more attractive to mechanics.  I don’t know.  I’ve never seen such a poll, although it might be interesting to see one.

C100?  Their target market is women in a particular age group.  Mechanics typically are men.  Men may not like that brand of music, so C100 may not be the best choice.

FX 1019, the sole Country station?  I’m not sure about that one.  I don’t associate Country songs, hurtin’ songs, with mechanics.  Of course, many Country songs involve pickup trucks, so I may be totally off-base here.  More research is required.

Z103.5, the Beat of Halifax?  This would be a dark horse.  I would think that many younger mechanics would enjoy the younger-skewing hip hop stuff that this fine station purveys.  I don’t think I’d offend any mechanic if they worked on my car while listening to the Black-Eyed Peas on my car radio..  In fact, there is research to indicate that working to The Black-Eyed Peas increases productivity by up to 10%.  Go figure.  Time is money, you know.

Kool FM?   Classic Hits?  Now, there’s a real smorgasbord of content!  What mechanic could say no to the tunes of ABBA, or The Eagles?  I say you, no such person could.

CBC Radio One?  That would convey the image to mechanics that I was erudite, but definitely not pedantic.  It may strike you as a splitting hairs, but it is important not to  come across as pedantic, as I was once told that I was, in fact, pedantic.  Just as soon as I look up “pedantic”, I’ll figure out what it means and determine whether I should be offended.

Radio Two?  That would say I was liberal with my music choices, brave and daring, and that should sit well with anybody fixing my car.  “This guy listens to Radio Two!  He’s brave and daring!  I’ll do an extra good job for him!” 

News 95.7?  That would tell the mechanic that I was interested in headline news and the interesting commentaries of Tom Young and Andrew Krystal.  Those guys speak to the common man the way few can.  I think News 95.7 would be another fine option.

Lite FM, 92.9?  Well, it’s got “92” in the name, so I should like that station a lot.  But I’m not sure how many mechanically-oriented people would appreciate having a car radio tuned into that station upon receiving that car to work on.

I’m not sure I’m much further ahead than I was when I started.  I had my car tuned to the Q this morning.  I don’t think it was a bad choice.  But, maybe, next time I’ll have it on Z or News 95.7. 

Or maybe I’ll just have the damned radio turned off!


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Xenosns said...

I'd take out the radio and put in an 8track player, really mess with his head lol