Monday, April 5, 2010

Post 1184 – Back to Reality (Tomorrow!)

My Easter Monday was quite fun, with several hours devoted to the latest blog interview.  It was conducted at the Q104 studios.  I took a ton of pics (nearly 150).  Shot some video.  Recorded a couple of hours of audio, which I must now dutifully transcribe for y’all. 

I think this may be the best interview yet.  There are wonderful insights into radio, some cool behind-the-scenes stories, the tale of a Dartmouth murder from the early 1970’s, and some very emotional moments that I hope I’m allowed to keep as it shows how much the subject cares for another person and that person’s welfare.  I can hardly wait to share it with you.

This evening, I was downloading the audio, the video, the pictures to this computer.  I’ll start the transcribing tomorrow during my lunch hour.  I hope you get to see it within the next 30-40 days.  You’ll need a hankie in places, folks, so be warned.

And, next week, on the 16th, I am scheduled for another interview, back at the K-Rock studios in lovely New Minas.  There will be something unique about this interview as well, and you’ll see just what that is as the time approaches.

MC should be back in town; I have to arrange an interview with her.  PH has promised me.  So has DC.  And, JS, a comic book editor, touched base with me on my birthday to remind me that I had approached him for an interview last year.  He still wants to do it, and that should start happening soon.

Lots of interviews.  Clean your glasses, everyone

Have a good one.


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