Sunday, April 4, 2010

Post 1182 – How I Spent My Easter Sunday

You know, just because I don't have kids (at least, any that I DSCF3001acknowledge), doesn't mean I don’t get to have any fun.  I have not had the pleasure of changing a diaper or trying to trick a child into eat his vegetables.  I still have fun despite this.  Go figure.

Today, we both slept in, after our quick trip to the cottage yesterday.  I did the dishes after lunch, which long-time readers will know is an enormous undertaking that requires planning and skill to DSCF3068bring off successfully. 

After that, we decided to go for a long along the BLT Trails.

BLT does not stand for “Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato”, at least not in this context.  It stands for “Beechville, Lakeside, and Timberlea”, the 3 communities that make up this extended neighbourhood of mine.  Despite the DSCF3061number of years I have lived here, until today, I had never been out on the trails that run around my house.  The more fool, me.

We left around 2pm and walked several kilometres up the trail before returning along the same path to make dinner.  We met some interesting characters, including a guy who taught Patricia and me to ride his recumbent bicycle.  I also ran into aDSCF3008 guy I used to work with at another government department.  He doesn’t live here or anything.  Just out walking with some of his friends and we chanced upon Mitch.  It reminds me of the old saw that, apparently, there’s a cafe in Paris that, if you sit outside of it long enough, and drink enough coffee, eventually everyone you know will walk by.  I guess if I walk up and down DSCF3009the BLT trails long enough, everyone I know (all 10 of them) will walk by.

I deeply regret not having walked along these beautiful trails before today.  I can’t wait to go back. 

Say, anybody want to join me?




Unknown said...

Hmmmm.... I'll bet there are geocaches along them thar trails.

kevin.tillman said...

A quick look at guessing around 40+ i expect.