Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post 1186 - Nothing Has Happened Today

Well, nothing blog worthy, that is.

I got up.  Came here.  Worked.  Started transcribing the interview I conducted on Monday.  Am presently killing a bit of time before I go to this week's Toastmasters meeting. 

Oh, I know what happened.  Through freecycle, I corralled back issues of Oprah, Canadian Living, and Saltscapes magazines. Patricia picked them up this morning.  I figured it might be a grocery bag or something full of them.  Nope!  It was 2 huge bags full, a Rona bag and another bag from another big box store.  She could barely lug them to her car, which settled noticeably under the new weight of the mags. 

Just now, I  posted a "wanted" ad on freecyle, asking if anyone had back issues of Cottage Life or any other cottage-related magazine, to read at the, um, cottage this summer.

Yeah.  The life I lead.  Exciting times, huh?


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