Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post 1187 - A Miscount?

So, here's the problem. 

It appears that I have miscounted a couple of Bevboy's Blog posts.

I have assiduously tried to keep score of each and every post, starting the numbering with the first post back in the fall of 2007.  This, in theory, is the 1187th post.


The account tells me that there are only 1186 posts.

And, knocking myself out just now, I see that there is a duplicate post.  There are two posts labelled 1083.  Of course, one of them should be the 1184th post.  Do you see why I'm getting confused?

I can do a few things to fix this.  For one, I can stop numbering these posts entirely.  I don't really want to do that as it makes this blog unique, and in theory it is easier to find any given blog post.  "Bev, what did you mean when you wrote this in post 999?" makes it easy for me to find that post, and re-read the confusing piece and answer the person's question.  Not that it has ever happened, of course. 

I can blithely ignore this "problem", and even keep the duplicate post 1083.  I am only off by one, or maybe two, which is pretty good.

I can call this post 1187, and the next 1188, and just continue going forward, perhaps having a "half post", which would be like "Post 1187.5".  I have a couple of "half posts" going way back to around post 100.  Go back and read 'em if you want to.  They're about radio, natch. 

My question, not that you particularly care: What is your suggestion to fix this possible miscount?  If blogger tells me I have 1186 posts, then that should be the number of the most recent post.  Or am I getting so darned anal here that I should perhaps let it all go, before I lose my mind? 

Get back to me with your thoughts.  Leave a comment to this post and I'll consider every comment or suggestion you guys leave.



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