Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post 1189 – Seatbelt PSA

It was… 1985, I think, when seatbelt use became mandatory in Nova Scotia.  I remember it well.  I had always worn seatbelts anyway; I didn’t need any law to tell me to belt up before getting behind the wheel of my 1982 Plymouth Horizon. 

I still remember the letters to the editor of the local paper, even a couple of years after the law was enacted.  Fools would write in and claim that they could steel themselves in the event of an accident.  They could brace themselves in such a way that they would not have to wear a seatbelt.  They would not become projectiles catapulted through the windshield and flying face first into the telephone pole the car had just crashed into.  Bunch of human crash test dummies.  Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the laws of physics would know that the amount of force, of inertia, the materials in the car, would make it impossible to remain seated during a car crash.  Im-possible.

The following is the most amazing public service announcement for wearing seatbelts that I have ever seen, or ever will see.  My thanks to Steve Vernon for bringing it to my attention. 

More later, if you're nice to me.


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Ken said...

Now THAT is an extremely well done, very moving PSA! Thanks for sharing it, Bev! I, too, have worn a seat belt since about forever and can't understand those who don't wish to do so.