Monday, April 12, 2010

Post 1193 - The Letter, Parts 2-5, by Mark Dooley

My friend Mark Dooley was a busy guy over the weekend.  No fewer than 4 editions of his latest magnum opus were completed.  Me, I visited my folks and ranted about a crappy restaurant experience (and have been getting a lot of blog traffic because of it!)

Mark, keep up the great work!








deboss1 said...

Thanks, Bev. I'm just feeling so much better, with the last of the horrible cold that's kicked Deena and I in the tail over this past month gone with the wind. My energy level yesterday was at an all-time peak, spurred by the energy and praise time that went on at my church and that I'm doing a story that I have a real personal stake in. I'm carrying that energy into today and making every second of my day off count.

Bevboy said...

Thank YOU, Mark. I am glad that you're feeling better. And I feel honoured and blessed that you would choose this blog as your official Canadian carrier of your excellent work.

Continued good health to you and Deena.