Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post 1195 - Running Around

The next time I see my friend Bernie, I will have to thank him for telling me about kijiji.

Whenever I need to buy something and don't want to spend much money, which is most of the time, I look on the Halifax kijiji site.  Chances are, I can find 20 or 30 of them, most of them within an easy driving distance from my work or home.

Just today, I wanted to get a small television for my old bedroom at my parents' place.  I looked on kijiji for the size of television that I wanted.  I decided on getting one for ten bucks.  Came with a remote and rabbit ears,  should I decide not to go with cable down the road.  

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Everything's about high def these days.   But, this is just a cheap ass tv I wanted to watch from time to time.  Somehow, laying out a few hundred dollars for a tv that I will only use the odd time seems silly to me. 

Got home late tonight after picking up the tv in the south end of the city.  Newbie met me at the door, very hungry, as Patricia is opening up the cottage for a few days.  He scarfed his dinner, just like I did mine, once I had had a chance to prepare it.

Found an interesting cassette tape the other week.  It is of a radio show broadcast in the late 1990's by the late Terry Thomas at Annapolis Valley Radio.  I hope the tape still plays!  I will find out tomorrow night and try to digitize it.  Terry is long in his grave, and the radio show was canceled in 1999, when the station wanted to save a few bucks.  Who knows how many editions of his old sho even exist?  I'll let you know how my digitization process works out for me.

Have a good one, my friends.


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