Friday, April 16, 2010

Post 1197 - An Early Day

It's my day off.  For reasons I am not yet prepared to discuss here on the blog, I had to get up before 5 this morning and drive to the Valley.  I visited my sister for 5 minutes before she and her husband had to leave for work.  Then, I  went to my parents' place. 

I was supposed to conduct my latest interview this morning at 11, but one of them was sick with the flu, so we will re-schedule.  Too bad, but how much would the guy have wanted to talk to me if he had to take periodic breaks to ralph?

Up in the Valley for a weekend.  Fish cakes for supper that my mother made.  Free wi fi here at the hairdresser's; I really must thank the Brent who left his network open for me to hop onto.  Life is good.  Mom is getting her hair done now; in  a few minutes it will be my turn.

Well, pretty good.  

It could be a lot worse.


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