Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post 1198 - A Long Day

Well, I'm just bursting with excitement and wish I could tell you about the interesting news that officially came out today.  But, I can't.  That magical, special day will be Monday.  When the special event happens, I will tell you about it.  It is good news, though, and it is sorely needed in my life right about now.

My mother required a new watch battery on Friday.  Rather than drive into New Minas and deal with the crowds therein, I decided to go into Kentville and the jewellery store there. 

Sure am glad I did.  I chatted with the lady in there for a few minutes about the stores in Kentville that are no longer there.  I learned there is a new baker/deli coming to the town.   After a moment or three, she called out, "Bev, can you come here for a moment?"  And...

a guy came out of the office in answer to her!

I met another guy named Bev last night!!  Holy frig, this very seldom happens.  He is a bit older than I am, but has apparently lived in the area for nearly all of his life.  He looked me in the eye at one point and asked, "Bev, do you hate being called 'Beverly' as much as I do?"  "At least as much as you do!", I replied.

We chatted for a bit.  I gave him a Bevboy's Blog business card.   He promised too check out the blog.  And we parted our ways.

There aren't too many guys named Bev out there.  There should be a heckuva a lot more of us, as it was originally a man's name before women usurped it.  So, it's always a treat to meet a fellow fellow named Bev.

Just don't call him Beverly.


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Glenda said...

must have been at Reids and if you were talking with Jocelyn she knows us as well. It's a great store with great service:)