Monday, April 19, 2010

Post 1200 - The Day

Welcome to post 1200, folks!

 And, let me welcome my father to his new home, the local Shannex long-term care facility.

I was down in the Valley all weekend to help prepare the family for the move.  By no means did I do all the work, or even a majority.  I guess i did my part, my share.  It was all a team effort.

I can now reveal why I got home so late last Wednesday evening.  I had my usual TM meeting.  After that, the club president wanted to have an executive meeting.  After that, nearly 8pm, I walked as fast as I could to my car and drove to a local apartment building to pick up a small television for my old bedroom, $10, including a remote.  From there, I drove to another apartment building on the other side of town to pick up a tv, vcr, and dvd player for my father's new room.  Got 'em all for one very low price.  This all resulted in getting home very late.

Spent the weekend down in the Valley and this morning Dad was transferred to his new home at the facility.  He's pretty tuckered out, but we are confident that he will really fluorish in his new home.

I'll go down and visit him and my mother this weekend.  After that, I will likely not be home for a few weeks.  Life beckons here in the city and at the cottage, too.  Life goes on.

It has to.



BusyMum said...

Bev we are in the process of moving 2 of my very elderly aunties into the Shannex facility here in Halifax. It's absolutely beautiful!! I hope your father will be happy in his new home.

- JulieC

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing, Julie. Are you the Julie I know from my facebook?

The Shannex people have done a great job of making the place a home for the folks who live there. Once my dad rallies, and he will, I know he'll love it there.