Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post 1202 – The Letter, Part Eight

The man.  The machine.  The artist.  Mark Dooley. 

Here’s part eight of The Letter, his latest magnum opus.

I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  I know that Mark is a Christian.  I have no problem with people being religious.  We all have a right to whatever our belief system happens to be.  But there are plenty of people who are so strident in their beliefs, so pig-headed and intolerant in expressing them and even accepting, for the purposes of argument, that there might be “another way”, that they give all proponents of that religion a bad name. 

It is no fun to read or experience these apoplectic screeds that emanate from these people.  I’m FB friends with a couple of them, and their constant Bible references are annoying to read, and are a textbook example of preaching to the choir.   You’ve read the Bible from cover to cover 100 times.  I get that.  Good for you.  Was it in lieu of having a job or living a good life?  And, what have you learned from it, and how does it inform your life?


Mark Dooley, on the other hand, takes a gentle approach to his beliefs.  Dee wears a cross around her neck, but doesn’t draw your attention to it.  Mark and Dee both discuss prayer.  Nobody uses any kind of foul language.  The storylines are gentle but have a Christian subtext that cannot be denied or ignored. 

I just love this guy.  Mark Dooley is my hero.

Keep up the great work, Mark.  Keep ‘em coming!



deboss1 said...

Many thanks for the lovely comments, Bev. You've really hit the nail on the head. While I consider myself a Christian, I don't blindly follow leadership if I feel that they're steering us on the wrong path. I've watched too many people do horrible, amoral things while invoking the name of My Lord, from right in my own church to elected officials. I've kinda set fires off in practically every church I've ever been to, with the exception of one up in Indianapolis where my Doctor Who fan club, the Whoosier Network meets... a church with a decidedly gay congregation. Wonderful people, though, to put up with my nonsense... and they do like their "Torchwood".

Anyway, more "Letter" to come this weekend. It's cheaper and more creative than group therapy.

Bevboy said...

Mark, you're one of my favourite human beings. I am so happy that we have remained in touch after I left the Tony board.

Keep up the wonderful, wonderful work, Mark.

If it helps, I can quite a few readers at my work, and in the Nova Scotia government. I know that they like your work,too.

All the best, my friend.


deboss1 said...

Does this mean I'm the Jerry Lewis of Nova Scotia? Groovy!

Bevboy said...

Yes! You are the Jerry Lewis of Nova Scotia. We'll add you to the Order of Good Cheer if you ever make it up here.

Sorry it took so long to post this comment. I just saw it.