Sunday, May 2, 2010

Post 1215 -A Decision I Will Regret?

After much soul searching, I have decided to return to work in the morning, unless my loved one's condition worsens precipitously over night or something. 

As things stand, he has reached the point where he can only be comforted.  There is no practical way, short of a proverbial miracle, for him to pull out of this one.  Rather than sit there and watch him breathe less and less and less, potentially for weeks, I think it may be best for everyone for me to go back to work.  I need some routine in my life again, and want to be productive again.  I can't do that, sitting in that room in the Shannex and waiting for the inevitable. 

I just pray this is the right decision.  It feels right, but I have been wrong plenty of times.

Of course, should his condition worsen, I will leave work at a moment's notice.

It does feel good, though, to be back home with an internet connection.  No more skulking around, trying to find an open connection somewhere in the middle of the night or at an internet cafe or something.   This one is legit!

Seeya tomorrow.



Ken said...

You have made the right decision, my friend. You are only an hour and a bit from here should you be needed. You need to have something to help occupy your mind. Take it from somebody who has been there - it is the right decision.

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Ken. I'm at work now, just tidying up some things before starting work. It feels good to be here, but I can leave at a moment's notice if necessary.

All the best.


Unknown said...

Someone luv's ya babe!