Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post 1227 - More Coffee!

I am tapping these words from the TAN Coffee outlet in downtown Wolfville.   We were both at the Just Us!/Al Whittle Theatre this morning, so caffeine is racing through my veins.  

We had never been to the TAN coffee place.  I am not sure when or whether we'll be back here.  Just US!  is just so good, the ambience so eclectic and beautiful, that we cannot deny its many advantages.

It's nice to have the choice, though.

Had fiddleheads as a side dish at lunch today.  They're in season now, $3.99 a pound at the grocery store, and a dollar more expensive at the vegetable stands around here.  I am strongly in favour of local fruit and veggie stands, but if the same product, produced locally, is available at a grocery store for less money, you're pound  foolish to spend more money elsewhere to get the very same thing.  

Over slept this morning.  Had the very first good night's sleep since my father died.  His will be a permanent presence in my life, but I can certainly accept that he's gone to a better place.

I am slowly spreading the word, the cult, of Ubuntu.  Installed 10.4 on my sister's computer last night.  When she saw that there were more than 32000 free software apps to download from the ubuntu software centre, her face lit up.  Free is good.   Very good.

One more full day in the valley before I return to the city on Saturday, and work on Monday.  I miss work.  I miss a routine.  But it's been nice to be here, reflecting on my recent loss, and wondering about my future without my father.

Patricia has never been to EOS foods here in Wolfville.   Time to throw out the rest of this crappy coffee, go to EOS, and then go back to the Just US! for real coffee.


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