Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post 1230 - Viva La Valley!

I am back in the city. I miss being in the Valley, but it sure is nice to be able to access the internet anywhere in the house. Skulking around looking for an open internet connection somewhere is for the birds. Of course, The Al Whittle Theatre is this close to heaven.

Left Wolfville and decided to drive to Canning this morning. I noticed that the Canning library was open for a change, which is almost never is when I'm around. Turned out to be the library's 15th anniversary. There was a writer talking and reading from her book, The Birth House. The author's name is Ami McKay. She's originally from Indiana, but ended up living in Scotts Bay. The book is about a house that was used by a midwife. McKay lives in a house that was owned by a midwife years and years ago.

Rural living isn't for everybody. There are times when it isn't for me, to put it mildly. I like some creature comforts, like access to the internet, good coffee, a movie theatre, a concert venue. Halifax offers all of those things; but increasingly, so does where I'm from. The last couple of weeks of dealing with my father's death, I have had a chance to become re-acquainted with the Annapolis Valley. I have had an opportunity to see what it has to offer, and what it has to offer excites me.

I like my job. I like Halifax. But, if I could do it, at all, I'd move back to the Valley in a heartbeat. There are too many interesting, fun things to do there to make me want to stay in suburbia.

Back to work on Monday.  Looking forward to it!


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