Friday, May 21, 2010

Post 1236 - Have We Had Enough Yet?

I'm writing, once again, from the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville.  I love this place.   The ambience is fun.  The coffee is wonderful.  And it's got free wifi, which is much appreciated when I have this netbook and no home internet service when I'm here. 

I drove up last evening for some family stuff which continued into today.  I have decided to stay for the whole weekend, as I'm needed here.   That's fine, as it means more time in the valley and more time at the Al Whittle Theatre.  While I'll be busy doing work around the house, I'll also find some time to check out some old haunts.

We buried Dad 2 weeks ago today.  My sister and I were reflecting on that this morning.  It is still hard to accept that he is gone, but that's a big part of getting through the grieving process, so accept we must.

Man, the wireless is funky in Ubuntu 10.4.  I gave up on getting it working on my dell laptop.  I stuck a puppy linux cd in the cd rom drive and boot from that, which connects to the web quite well.   But on this netbook, it takes longer to connect and the connection is weaker.  I have been trying many linux distro's over the last couple of weeks: Mint, easypeasy, ubuntu, puppy, puppeee, and xandros.  Probably more.  So many of them are so similar to ubuntu that I am not sure how legitimate it is to claim that they are distinct flavours of linux.  If the only differences are that the colour schemes are dissimilar and a couple of them carry skype or a different version of the media player (banshee versus rhythmbox for example), then those do not strike me as significant differences.  I suppose you could get down to the kernel level, but once again, so many are based on ubuntu that the differences would probably be slight. 

I've got an email or two to reply to before spending the afternoon washing dishes.  Oh, the life I lead!!


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