Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post 1238 - A Long Weekend In The Valley

It's Sunday, and we are at my sister's for a barbecue, our first of the season.  We brought up some chicken breasts and wings, and there is steak and other chicken here as well.  There are rumours of potato salad.   I hopped on an open network from the next door neigbhours.  Life is good.

The last episode of "Lost" is on tonight.  I stopped watching it a couple of years ago, but may tune into tonight just to see how it all ends. 

Patricia brought up the coffee maker this afternoon.  Praise be!  Coffee tomorrow morning.   Can hardly wait.

Patricia and Glenda will be signing the thank you cards from the donations from Dad's funeral this evening.  Will get them out on Tuesday.

Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the Al Whittle Theatre.  Wolfville is nice this time of year.

Bevboy, out.

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