Friday, May 28, 2010

Post 1243 - At The Cottage

We arrived at the cottage around lunch time. As we feared, the lawn is frightfully long. I will do a cut tomorrow with the blade at its highest level and then do another one on Monday.

We haven't seen our ATV-owning, cousin-dating, beer-swilling neighbour yet, but we have seen evidence of his handiwork. A property marker has grown legs and walked a few feet over, extending his property. Oh, well. I will just put it back tomorrow. It was nice of him to mow that bit of land, though.

I haven't discussed my dislike of our neighbour or all-terrain vehicles here lately. I don't need to. People who know me, just know, how I feel about them, and him. They're always asking me if I have seen this neighbour and his infernal machine. It is a bit of a tease.


We still love it here. After the month I've had, it is nice to spend the last few days of it here. If we see Mr. Knuckeldragger, we don't have to talk to him. Besides, he's only capable of expressing himself via grunts and flinging his dung. We can just ignore him. Life's too short to allow a fiendish knob like him to ruin our lives.

Time for bed. Busy day tomorrow.

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deboss1 said...

Any chance you can have the cops look in on his neanderthallic ways? Illegal movement of a property marker sounds like a a chargable offense.