Saturday, May 29, 2010

Post 1244 - Graham Creighton Junior Video

I am embedding the video from the Graham Creighton Junior incident that nearly resulted in its principal being fired a couple of weeks ago.

I don't normally comment on things of this nature, but will make an exception in this case.

I will never understand why teachers and principals feel they have a right to beat students.  I had a teacher in Grade 8 who would beat students until they cried.  That was his goal.  That was his way of commanding respect from his students.  By beating them.  Big man.

In no other walk of life, save for law enforcement, is physically beating someone countenanced, especially beating someone younger and more vulnerable.  If a manager at my work were going around beating up his staff, he would be gone, toot sweet, and be up on charges to boot.  If you worked in an office environment where people were fighting, or even threatening to cause you physical harm, you would have grounds to sue and to have that person charged with uttering threats.  But teachers feel entitled to beat students, and that should not be allowed, under any circumstances.

I understand that the school board refused to allow the parents of this young man to see the video of his being beaten by his principal.  I can see why, now.  I further understand that these parents will be showing this video to their lawyer.  I don't blame them. 

I have no idea who leaked this video to Frank Magazine, but this person did the Lord's work.  Frank Magazine was absolutely right to run stills from the video in its current issue, and even more correct to post the entire video on youtube.

Herewith, the video that nearly (and should have) cost a principal his job.


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