Friday, June 4, 2010

Post 1252 – Happy 40th Birthday, Information Morning!

June 4th was my father’s DSCF3576birthday.  He would have been 79 today.  It is not a happy day for me, to be without my father for the first June 4th in my life.  Father’s Day next week will be tough as well.  I had to do something not to be in a funk.  What could that thing be?


Crazy ol' me!  I got up at 4:25 this morning so that I could make sure I was there, bright and  early for the Information Morning birthday party.


They went on the air on June 1st, 1970, 40 years and 3 days ago.  I have been listening for about 25 years now.  There was no way I was gonna miss this event.   After all, I go all the way back to the days when they were on the AM dial in Halifax (860 for tDSCF3561hose who were wondering). 

I was finally able to discern that Bob Murphy and Tom Murphy are different people.  Either that, or they can change in the blink of an eye.    I am going with the former. 

It was a pleasure to run into Don TDSCF3565remaine and Frank Cameron this morning.  They both remembered me from the interviews I conducted with them last year, and accepted an official Bevboy's Blog business card.    So did Tom Murphy, for that matter.  Given that I am at best a ripple in the ponds of their lives, I was delghted that Don and Frank remembered me.

I had some fishcakes, a breakfast sandwich, some Just Us! coffee,DSCF3581 and a sliver of birthday cake.   By the way, the fishcakes were really good, but my mother’s are better.  It is what it is, folks.

I got to run into an old friend from Toastmasters who works for the CBC.  And, I got to give away some business cards.   It was a fine morning, and I wasn't even late for work.

There are people in radio who hate the DSCF3594CBC.  I have heard the reasons why.   But I don’t hate the CBC.  I love it.  I think there is a strong need for the CBC, and in particular, CBC radio.  For those who don’t like to hear the same songs over and over on private radio, there is always the CBC, and I hope we have it to enjoy for a long, long time.  But they can still go ahead and cancel “Wiretap” any time at all, please.

Don’t forget: Stan Carew is on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6-9 (Saturday) and 6-8:30 (Sunday).  Tune in, or I’ll hunt you down. 


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Unknown said...

CBC Radio has been part of my life since 1980/81... I was Regional Manager for a Fortune 500 company & in order to 'see' my clients & their customers I quite often left home at 6-6.30am to drive for 5 hours in order to be in Yarmouth / Sydney / Bathurst or where ever before lunch.

CD players were not yet an option & my company car did not have a cassette player .... CBC's system of repeater stations let me listen in on a conversation that started with the 'Don's' [Tremaine, Connolly, & Harron... & later the one and only Peter Gzowski]

I have to admit that all those conversations, over all those miles really helped form my knowledge and understanding of this country ... so much information & thoughtful comment & debate.

I've attended many of Information Morning's Birthdays... enjoyed every one of them.

You picked a good diversion on your father's birthday...