Sunday, June 13, 2010

Post 1261 - A Lazy Sunday

Slept in this morning.

No.  I haven't head from Princess Port Williams yet.  She and her friends would still have the business cards I handed out yesterday, so all is not lost.  They may write yet.

Did a whole lot of nothin' today.  Re-installed ubuntu 10.4 (netbook edition) on my asus netbook today.   It's not difficult to do that, but it does take a while.  I then re-installed dropbox on the netbook and proceeded to sync it with the other computers I have hooked up to dropbox.  It's nice to be able to do that.  Very useful for the interviews I conduct.  Virtually eliminates the possibility of versionitis. 

Watched the first 4 hours of this season's America's Got Talent this afternoon and evening.  Howie Mandel is the new judge this year, replacing David Hasselhoff.  Howie is about 1000x better than the Hoff could ever be.  The show is much better for Mandel's presence.  And, what other show features two British judges, and a Canadian one?  Not many, I'd say.

Watched the first episode of "Persons Unknown" this evening.  Looking forward to seeing the next episode.

Back to work in the morning.  How many more outer joins are in my future?


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