Saturday, June 19, 2010

Post 1267 - More Cottage Blogging

I type these humble words from the River John library in River John, Nova Scotia.  We are here for a half hour or so prior to driving into Tatamagouche to get some groceries.  People from outside of NS who read this will have a hard time parsing the word "Tatamagouche".  Have fun with that, you bloody foreigners. 

There is something about the air at the cottage that acts as a soporific, for I sleep endless hours whilst there.  We don't have cable, or satellite, or easy internet access, so our entertainment options are limited to the book we take with us, the books that we keep there, or the dvd's and even tapes we take with us.  Why else do you think I get so much interview transcription done here? 

When I was younger, the very thought of having a cottage seemed so rustic, so boring, that I couldn't imagine having one, or even wanting to have one.  Now that I am the venerable age that I am, I can't imagine NOT having one.  It is expensive, maintaining 2 residences, but worth every penny.  Getting away from the city offers its treasures and its pleasures. 

Off to Tatamagouche.  I'll take some pictures and will share them with you tomorrow.


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