Sunday, June 20, 2010

Post 1268 - Obligatory Sunday Night Post

It is late Sunday evening.  I am back in the city, and have been on the phone with my sister and my mother and a friend.  I have to get up in a few hours to begin another work week.  But I'm keyed up, and I have to write  a blog post.

Had a very relaxing weekend at the cottage.  The lawn is mowed, again, and we spent hours and hours today watching a dvd full of editions of PBS' History Detectives.  They were from the 5th season in 2007.  Glad we watched them, because season 8 starts up Monday night.  I very much look forward to seeing it again.  It has become a summer tradition.  After working on Patricia for a few years, I have got her hooked on the show.   She shares the theory with me that Elyse Luray, one of the show's hosts, openly flirts with the men she comes into contact with, and is nearly hostile with the women she deals with.  Elyse will play with her hair, smile widely, bat her eyelashes, ask what she can do for the men who approach her with a historical puzzle, and be nearly rude with the women who do the same thing.  It is crazy funny to watch her be that way.  You have to see it to believe it.  The fact that Elyse is a very attractive woman means it is all the more fun to watch.

Anyway, History Detectives will run all summer long, Monday nights at 10pm Atlantic, on most PBS stations.  Check it out.  And share my frustration that there is no Canadian version of the show to keep us entertained.

Maybe the boys and I at work can arrange to have a History Detectives party every Monday night.  We can get chips and pop and pizza and watch the show every week.  Is that weird?  I don't think so.  I'll ask the boys at coffee in the morning and see how amenable they are to that.  I'm sure they won't have a problem.



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