Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post 1272 - Sniff! Boo Hoo!


It's come to pass.

The Starbuck's in downtown Halifax has opened, as of today.

Weary, long-time readers of this humble web log will confirm that, ever since the Tim Horton's closed in the same location last October, that we boys have had limited coffee drinking options during our twice a day java-swilling.  Most of the time, we have gone to a joint called Certainly Cinnamon, which is very close to our work and which has  been around for about 21 years now.  The coffee is awful, just awful.   If you have ever wondered what pus tastes like, then go to Certainly Cinnamon and ask for a medium regular to get a good idea.  However, the young woman who works there is prime real estate if you don't mind my saying.  She's the best thing about that whole experience.

There's a Just Us! coffee shop across from our work, and we go there from time to time.  But it's a cozy place, and not terribly inviting.  And the coffee is so much better at other Just Us! locations.  The place is a little disappointing.  I wish they would revamp it.

Which brings us to Starbucks.

The rumour mill was overdrive in the last couple of months until it was confirmed that Starbucks was moving into the old Tim Horton's space.  Across from that, in a space that once housed a store called Frozen Ocean, a tea room is opening sometime later on this year.  But the Starbucks is exciting to us.  The coffee will be so much better, and expensive, than the crap we have endured on that block of Barrington  in the last while. 

There's just one problem.

I'm in the Valley for several days, and I  missed out on the grand opening of the joint.  Feel my pain!

So, for those of you who work in downtown Halifax: How many of you were at the Starbucks today at the corner of Barrington and Sackville Streets?  How was the coffee?  Did I miss out on something really, really cool, or should I just give this joint a pass?

I look forward to your comments.


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