Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post 1274 - A Lazy Saturday

I type these humble words on my trusty netbook while at the Port Williams Library.  Normally, I'd hop on to their open network, but find that someone really close by has an open network that's more powerful, so I hopped on that instead.  The netbook is on my lap, which is appropriate.  One other person is using one of the computers here.  I think I recognize her from elementary school, many years ago. 

Visited Mom in he hospital.  Without getting into details, I'll state that she's doing better today.  She's ordered two meals for the balance of the day which will keep her occupied. 

I have promised Mom I'd do her laundry today, and I shall.  I'll also resume transcribing the interview with the hope of finishing  it over the next day or so. And I think I'll borrow this book about life in Medieval England. 

I'll also do some field research for the latest blog interview.  At one point, they mention some places of interest in and around the Port Williams area, and I'll get pictures of those places and drop them into the interview at the appropriate times.  Foxhill Cheese, anyone?

Not much more to say at this juncture.   I will be off work for a few more days.  I miss having regular internet access but skulking around finding open networks has certain pleasures. 

Have a great Saturday.


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