Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post 1275 - A Busy Sunday

Our work as executors started today. Can't discuss that too much. Sorry.

A long annoyance was dealt with today as well. Two bushes planted by my late brother more than 40 years ago were chain sawed down today. We can now see outdoors. On second though: Can we put them back? Never mind.

Seriously, the bushes were attractive enough when we were younger. In recent years, they became ugly and gnarled and so big they dominated the picture window. They made use of the front steps impossible. They had outlived their usefulness. We were delighted when my brother-in-law cut them down today.

This afternoon, as I was mowing the lawn, they came back and took me for a long drive through the Valley. Gone for hours and hours. Felt good to get my mind off other family matters.

Monday will be fun as well.

Good night.

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