Monday, June 28, 2010

Post 1276 - Monday in the Valley

My mother got out of the hospital today. That's good.

Went to the bank today to create the 2 new estate accounts we executors need to deal with Dad's estate. That's good.

Finally said a loud goodbye to my mother's former pharmacy and switched her files to one that's a lot better. That's good.

Back here at the house watching "In Plain Sight" before watching the last 2 episodes of season 3 of "Breaking Bad". That's good.

Trying to understand the appeal of the royal family as they visit Halifax. That's confusing.

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kevin.tillman said...


The appeal eh ? As a self declared monarchist ;) I think the appeal relates to a few things:

- connection or continuity to history; my goodness its the royal family – there is no living family more connected to history.

- Separation of a symbolic head of state from an elected one is good; we get get cranky at our elected politicians and not seem unpatriotic

- The Queen seems nice, same as her mother was, and that appeals to alot of people.

- Yes its an institution that cost a bunch of money, but its a money that flows mostly back into the economy in the UK and the countries they visit.

- That institution is part of our uniqueness and a tradition that separates us from others “republics” that spend money on feel good stuff too.