Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post 1278 - Gathering Steam

My grass roots campaign to rename the Port Williams bridge after either my dad or Gordon Gates has attracted mainstream media attention.

I have a follower on twitter who works for a local newspaper.  Her name is Jenn Hoegg.  In reading last night's blog entry, and curious herself about the bridge naming, she researched the why's and wherefores and told me that the Port Williams bridge was renamed the Gladys Porter Bridge some years ago, but that they never got around to putting the sign up until recently.

As I stated last evening: I would have no problem if they named the Kentville bridge after Gladys Porter.  She was the first female mayor of Kentville and went on to be the first female MLA.  She accomplished a great deal and should be a role model to all women, especially women who seek and attain a public office.  She did this decades ago when it was practically unheard of.   It's fine to laud this woman.

However, what she had to do with the village of Port Williams is a mystery to me.  Why did the Port Williams commissioners, who meet just down the hall from where I'm typing these words, decide to name the Port Williams bridge after this fine woman, when as far as I know, she never lived here, or did much more than drive over the bridge from time to time, to and from Halifax?  Does somebody want to tell me that?

I have been invited to write a letter to the editor of this newspaper, summarizing my thoughts and putting forth the argument of renaming the bridge after Gordon Gates or Cecil Keddy.  I will do so, probably on Thursday.

Gordon and my dad deserve more recognition.  Gladys deserves more, lots more, but Kentville is the place for that, not Port Williams.

I'll let you, my beloved readers, know if the letter is published.


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