Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post 1282 - Back In The City (This Time It's Personal!)

A nice, stressful, pain-in-the-behind day with my mother (not her fault).  

It was nice to return to my home in Halifax and unwind with a steak dinner and a tasty beverage.  Have spent the last couple of hours transcribing more of an upcoming Bevboy's blog interview which I know you'll enjoy.  And, this is my obligatory Sunday night blog post.

Got a bit of bad news over the weekend.  Fellow blogger Craigness announced his retirement from his video blog Saturday afternoon.  I know Craig a bit.  He approached me to do a blog post with him, and I was looking forward to it.   He follows this blog, so I'll just say that I hope that the difficulties he's facing with Craigness aren't insurmountable and that he sees fit to continue it somehow. 

Me, I'm still plugging away at Bevboy's Blog, day in and day out, for free, when I could be sleeping or eating or making fun of bald people.  I mean, some things are just too much fun not to do.  I know they tell themselves that bald is beautiful, but I don't know many women who agree with that.  Nope.  They just love running their hands through my curly locks spontaneously and without solicitation.  Can't do that with a bald dude. 

Have a good one.


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