Monday, July 5, 2010

Post 1284 - A Cool New Store

My schedule freed up this evening  (thanks, sis and bro-in-law), so I decided to do something for myself for a change and take myself out to dinner.  I type these humble words at Cheachie's Grill in Bayer's Lake.  Great place to eat.

My eye was caught by an adjacent store called Ripster's Halloween Shop.  It's a costume store.  It's a rental place.  And it's all about Hallowe'en. 

There are lots of cool costume ideas in that little store.  And, there's a small prop room where you can rent a giant spider (like I'd want to!) or a big Jason from the Friday the Thirteenth movies.  The rental prices seem reasonable to me.  It's not exactly a cheap rental, but then again, the things they're renting all look to be of a very nice quality, and quality isn't cheap.   Is it?

I spoke to the proprietors, Tanya and Rob, whose nickname is "Ripster".  They gave me a business card.   I gave them a Bevboy's Blog business card.  I told them I'd write about them, which I am now doing.  I suggested they might want to get into horror film rentals.  There are a lot of horror films out there that you can't get from the horror section of a typical video store.   Not sure if they'd want to get into renting or selling films.  They might also want to think about horror magazines like Fangoria or Rue Morgue or any of the others.  

This seems like an untapped market, horror.  I see no reason why this store can't be super successful.   The owners are  nice.  Their product line is of high quality.  And they're serving a pretty cool niche.  I wish them all the best.

Now, it's their turn.  Flog my blog, people!


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Ripsters said...

Thanks for your kind words....It was a pleasure meeting you last nite. Hope to see you again!! We've sent along your blog site through Facebook. If interested join our group on Facebook....Ripsters Halloween Shop

Thank you,
Tanya and Rob