Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post 1286 - So Much For A Quiet Evening At Home!

What an evening.  It's nearly midnight and I am not in bed yet. 

I got totally fed up with the newest version of Ubuntu 10.4, this evening.  One problem after another.  The latest has been trying to get adobe flash working properly so that I can see youtube videos in fullscreen mode.  It just wouldn't work.  So, I said a few choice words and decided to go back to 9.10 from last fall.

Got that installed.  Reinstalled the vpn client and got rdp working.  Yay.  And, once I downloaded the latest adobe, youtube videos played in fullscreen mode again.  Yay again.

I haven't downloaded the latest updates that ubuntu wants me to.  A couple hundred  megs, but it can wait until tomorrow. 

Dropbox?  There's a fine kettle of fish.  Downloaded the deb file.   Installed the daemon, even though it's not exactly intuitive how to do it.  But I can't figure out, again, how to have it run at boottime.  It worked before, but not now. 

I am a convert to linux.  I like how you can run it on an older computer, giving it a new lease on life.  But I hate like heck how the user interface, at the terminal level, is so incredibly abstruse.  The new version of ubuntu is an example of something being released before it was ready for primetime. 

I have spent hours this evening trying to get 10.4 working the way I wanted it to before throwing in the towel and going back to a previous version,, which has its own headaches.  Is it any wonder that the average person would not even bother with linux, and would instead  stick with windows?  Installing dropbox in windows is easy peasy.  In linux,  you have the app and then the "proprietary daemon", which means nothing to most people. 

I have spent the whole evening on this crap.  Hours of my life gone forever and I'm still  not finished.  And every time I see a forum explaining how something in linux is easy to do, I roll my eyes.  Sure, it is.  Once it's working, it's fine; but don't dare try to change it later.  No good deed goes unpunished.

Tell me that this is fun again.  Tell me.  I need a chuckle.


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