Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post 1287 - Happy Birthday To Ringo Starr

I'm not exactly the biggest Beatles fan who's ever lived.  I tried to like their music when I was younger in an effort to be popular with the people who tenaciously clung to the proposition that the Beatles were the greatest recording band of all time.   I'm not going to wage that battle now.  Life is too short, and I can't be bothered.

I have a hard time, a really hard time, listening to some of their songs today.  I thank radio station play lists for this, as they have relentlessly played the same damnable songs over and over again.  My friend Gary Tredwell (Greasy Gary as well as the p.d. of K-Rock in New Minas) explained patiently and in great detail why radio stations typically don't have more than 1000 songs in their play lists.  I understand that argument and respect it.  But there are still songs I never want to hear again as long as I live.

But I digress.

I'm not the biggest Beatles fan in the world.  In fact, it took me quite a few years to realize who the members of the band were.  I remember the following song being a hit when I was 11 or so, right around the time I had that picture of me taken  whose caricature is the Bevboy's Blog mascot.  I remember being in Grade 5.  The teacher would have the radio on.  And, this song was in heavy rotation.  I'd sing along, not having the slightest idea that the song is rife, festooned, overflowing with drug and alcohol references.  Little kid me, getting into a song like that.

You probably haven't heard this song since the 12th of Never.  One of those tunes that, once it left the charts, people wanted to pretend it never existed.

Today's Ringo's 70th birthday.  He still can't sing.

That's ok.  Neither can I.

Herewith: The No No Song, with the Smothers Brothers (and a pre-Super Dave Osborne cameo at the end!)  


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