Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post 1291 - Another Return To The City

A brief post.  Returned to the city from the cottage late this evening.  Couldn't get the internet to work in the house this evening on the old Dell laptop no matter what.  Worked on various configurations for an hour.  Gave up and came up here to write this blog post, at which time I realized I couldn't connect either on this netbook.  Then, I realized that I had unplugged the wireless router on Friday morning, an additional security measure I have in place.  I went downstairs, plugged it in, and now the Dell connects just fine.

I can now also connect to wireless networks using ubuntu on that dell laptop.  I had been using a wireless card.  I unplugged that this evening, and discovered that the computer could see the networks again, after a long spell.  That's pretty sweet.  Of course, I still hate that computer.  It is old, fairly slow, and runs so hot, I swear I could fry an egg on the undercarriage. 

Back to work tomorrow.  Yay.  And, it's a pay week.  Thursday morning, when I get paid, I continue my bi-weekly tradition of making fun of unemployed people lining up for their stamps.  Good fun, that. 



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