Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post 1300 – Happy Birthday!

Well, it’s sort of a birthday.  It’s the 1300th post, silly!

I am so happy tonight.  The problem I’ve been having trying to load certain websites is finally vanquished by yours truly.  I figured it out on my own, which makes one in a row for me.  

I tried everything. 

I thought it might be a linux thing.  Nope.

I thought it might have something to do with a setting in Firefox.  No dice.

I thought if I unplugged and then replugged the modem and wireless router, I might be triumphant.  Not so much.

Finally, in the last hour or so, I found a firmware upgrade for my wireless router, downloaded it, and installed it, in a “what the frig, I may as well” kind of way.  It worked!  I can now go to or  or even and do whatever I want.  Yep.  Good days.

This is the actual 1300th post for the blog.  I’m happy about that, mostly because I had no idea the blog would last this long.  The blog is not even 3 years old yet, but here we are at the 1300th post.   How many blogs can make that claim?  Only a few thousand.

I haven’t run out of things to say yet, although there are those who would heartily disagree with that assertion.  I have several more chapters in the “Things About Halifax That Don’t Make Sense” series, several more “Early Bevboys”, and “Stupid Things Bevboy has Done” instalments are in the offing. 

I have just a few minutes left in the final audio file for the latest Bevboy’s Blog interview.  It’s taken me a couple of months to transcribe it; my dad’s death affected my productivity.  When I am back from vacation in mid-August, I’ll get back at interviewing some more folks.  I may have to get a person to book interviews for me.  This one man blog thing is taking too much of my time!

This is the blog’s birthday, sort of, but it’s also the birthday of Kevin, an ardent and passionate  Bevboy’s Blog reader.  I have known Kevin since a few months after I moved to Halifax in 1988.  He has hired me for jobs and been mad at me, and I’ve been mad at  him.  He is a true friend, and I want to acknowledge that here on the blog.  If I were Jewish, I’d say that Kevin was a mensch.  I’m not, so I won’t.  Just go ahead and read the article about mensch that I linked to above.

In honour of the Bevboy’s Blog anniversary, and Kevin’s birthday, here’s a repeat performance of Joe Cocker singing at Woodstock.  Can’t make out the words?  Don’t worry'.  It’s sub-titled.

Happy birthday, Kevin!!

Happy birthday, Bevboy’s Blog!!




Unknown said...

Yeah, dog with a bone trying to figure it out, and I'm a fiancee with one less nerve!! Good on ya hon!

Ken said...

Happy Birthday, Blog!

kevin.tillman said...

Very neat, to be mentioned in a milestone post is a “zkhie” Yiddish for a rare honour, privilege ;)

But hanging out since Ronald Reagan, Super Mario Brothers, John Buchanan and mullets that the real zkhie.

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Patricia. Thanks, Ken. And, thanks, Kevin. You gave me some suggestions for how to fix that connectivity problem, and the firmware one worked. Yay!

Now, Patricia wants a printer in the house. I have told her that if she wants one, she can damn well pay for it and its upkeep. But hooking up a network printer to a network containing a mixture of Windows and linux boxes sounds like a lot of ... fun.

I'll have lots of fun getting that to work, once we get a printer that is.

Thanks again for your comments. You're a real mensch!

How do you pronounce "zkhie"?