Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post 1301 - One More Week

My vacation starts in 6 days.  I have to get through 4 more work days,, 3 of them a course.  Will they be providing lunch those days?  Doughnuts?  Croissants?  It's in a crappy part of town, so there are  more hookers there than decent places to eat.  Maybe some homeless dude will give me a crust of bread.  Should be fun.

I am marveling at how much faster web surfing is since I updated the firmware on the wireless router last evening.  I am also able to see all kinds of websites I had a hard time loading, if I could load them at all.

My thanks to passionate Bevboy's Blog reader Steve for providing me with his castoff previously enjoyed barbecue this evening.  We are wondering what the Hell to do with it  looking forward to applying a little elbow grease to it and bringing it back to its former glory, prior to throwing animal flesh on it and eating it lustily.  By "it", I mean the meat, not the barbecue.

We are wondering what they were thinking can't get over Steve and Julie's generosity and want to give them some of our broken stuff so they know what it feels like are forever grateful to them.

Thanks, Steve!


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