Saturday, July 31, 2010

Post 1311 - I Am Spartacus

Since arriving at the cottage a day and a half ago, we have watched the final 11 episodes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Didn't bother watching it when it was initially broadcast this Winter. Finally, earlier this month, we began watching it, and it quickly became a fave.

I dubbed the series to 3 dvd's and brought them up with me yesterday. 36 hours later they've all been watched, and we hope there's a second season.

There's violence, sex, more violence, and political intrigue aplenty. Blood and gore are characters in the show.

Hurry up and get season 2 on the air, folks. We want to see it.

Tomorrow, we start to watch season 3 of Monk. Got it at a yard sale this morning for 2 bucks. I love a bargain nearly as much as I like my balloons.

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