Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post 1346 - Today!

I interviewed the lovely M.E. after work tonight.  It was a great thrill.  She had wonderful stories to tell.

It has been a crazy hot week in Halifax.  The Pogue Fado was sweltering.  After dinner, I got some pictures, and a friend from work saw us, so he joined in on the fun and posed for some pictures as well.

It was a fine, fine evening.

Now, I just have to find the time to transcribe the interviews, all 3 of them, that are on my digital voice recorder.  Maybe if I took a week's vacation and locked myself here in my home office and didn't leave except to pee and poo, it would all work out.

I'll have to think it through a bit.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Post 1345 - Tomorrow!

I'm excited, because I'm interviewing a radio person Tuesday night after work.

I have only conducted 2 interviews since my father died in May.  Colin and Kate was published just before I began my vacation.  During vacation, I interviewed our cottage neighbours, for 4 hours.  That will be a magnum opus interview, even if I edit it more than I normally do. 

The interview on Tuesday will be with someone from Z103.5, the Beat of Halifax.  I must say that the people at that station have been very kind to me.  Rob Johnson, Jeff Cogswell and Nikki Balch have all been interview subjects on this here silly blog.  Tomorrow, it will be with someone else. 

I am looking forward to sharing this interview with you as well.

And, I've been walking around with another interview I conducted nearly a year ago.  I feel guilty about not having done more with it, but it's a challenge I will explain at a later time.

Nothing much more to add.  I had a burrito for lunch today, and my fear was that I might stink up the joint on account of the presence of beans in my food product.  I work with a deaf guy (hi, Elliott), and I like to think that his other senses more than make up for his lack of hearing.  I'm sensitive to that to the point where I try not to eat anything untoward around him in case it offends one of his other senses that he has to rely on in order to survive in this crazy world. 
I hope he reads this on Tuesdays, when he's back to work, and sets me on the straight and narrow, or confirms my suspicion that his remaining senses are hypersensitive and my decision not to eat a burrito around him was a sound one.

I mean, I'm just trying to be a team player here.



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post 1344 - Obligatory Sunday Night Post

Blah blah long day in the Valley blah blah just had a shower and feel human again.  Blah blah watching Emmy's blah blah bed time soon blah blah dehumidifier blah cottage blah blah long weekend blah blah back to work tomorrow.

Sister blah blah new dog blah blah Patricia loves it blah blah i like it but like cat better blah blah

Good night.

Blah blah


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post 1343 - A Good Purchase

Another long day. Up early. Discovered my cable box seems to be toast. Drove to the Valley. Bought a dehumidifier for my mother's basement. Installed it. Took Mom and Patricia to the Port Pub for lunch. Took them shopping for the balance of the afternoon.

Washed the dishes tonight. Going to bed shortly, but not until I clean the coffee maker.

A Bevboy's work is never done.

Turns out Greasy Gary has some fans in Baltimore. We played the video of Gary teaching me to speak as Greasy Gary, and James and Becky, our American cottage neighbours, loved it. James got Patricia to do the voice in my absence last week. It has resonated with them.

James would like to take this show on the road as people in East Baltimore have an interesting way of speaking as well. I will ask Gary what he thinks of this idea. It might be fun.

Yeah, a Bevboy's work is never done.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Post 1342 - Well, I Have The Face For It

 I am pretty sure I haven't told this story before.  It doesn't put me in the best of light, but doesn't fall in the "Dumb Things Bevboy has done" series either.  It is just an area in which my education is lacking.  It has always been this way, and I don't care enough to do anything to change it.  You understand.

I don't know how to play poker.

I don't understand the concept.  I can't tell one hand from another.  And I sure as frig don't know how to keep what they call a poker face.

As luck would have it, I have seldom been called upon to play poker in my life.  One time, at my previous job, a quick hand of poker broke out, and I couldn't escape from its evil clutches in time.  Like an illiterate man whose glasses are always broken, or who is too busy to read what is proffered him, or who needs you to confirm something for him so please read this already, I have a million excuses for not playing that game.  I've used them all.

They all failed me that morning.

I had no choice.

This was a variation of poker I had not seen before, and haven't seen since.  Everybody gets a few cards, and one by one, each person drops a card in a big pile, until someone in the crowd smiles and announces he's won 

Somehow, with one hand, I won.  To this day, I have no idea what it was about my card that was so special that it would result in my winning a few dollars.  I was congratulated, took my winnings, and went back to work.  I was bemused, confused, and suffused with a desire never to play that game again.  I wanted to quit while I was ahead.

I am convinced that, if some fella named Job taught me how to play poker, and another dude  looking like my supervisor took over for him after he jumped to his death off the Macdonald Bridge (the note he left behind would blame me entirely, of course), I would remain absolutely stupefied by this game.  I'd sit there with the hard-core players, looking at my hand, and not have a sweet clue if it was a good one or not.   Or, if I did develop an inkling, I'd  be the cock of the walk.  I'd be showing it to the other participants.  "Look at this!  Hah!  I've got a royal flash!  That beats 5 of a kind, right?  Sure it does.  Ha ha.  Give up now.  Just give me your money and leave!"  I wouldn't last long there. 

In any event, in any context, I'm a waste of time as a poker player.  I am a lost cause.   Better to shoot me now, or never invite me over for a poker game with the boys in the first place, than to have someone of my ilk over to ruin your evening with my foolish questions ("What is this card good for?"  "What does it mean to raise you?  Am I Lazarus or something?"  "What time does Oprah start?")

I guess poker is a sport.  People take it seriously, sometimes deadly seriously.  I hate sports.  I will never see the point. 

Give up on me.

I already have.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post 1341 – Educational Facts

The internet is an amazing thing.  From the comfort of your easy chair, you can fire up your laptop or smart phone and look up whatever you want, about whatever you want.  I am still young enough to be awed by such content.

When I was 8 years old, my parents bought me a book about dinosaurs.  I read it until it fell apart.  The book shaped my life and set me on a course for a life long interest in them.

I also had, a few years later, a teacher who instil in me an interest in etymology, the history and origin of words and phrases.  This continues to fascinate me.

There is a series of videos on youtube featuring Hot Facts Girls.  One of them is named Rachel, and she is a healthy young woman with a healthy interest in all kinds of interesting facts.

I include two of her many videos here, as she explains to us, sitting there with rapt attention, the history of well-known words and phrases.

Check ‘em out.


And don't forget this one, too:

You’re welcome.  I do this because I love you, you know.


P.S. The new Halifax station is testing its signal at 105.1.  It’s LIve 105, and it sounds pretty damned promising so far, if you like newer rock that is.  I am very much liking what I’m hearing so far.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Post 1340 - Hump Day

Took a sick day today.  One of my patent-pending headaches showed up again.  I hate that.

Been reflecting a lot, a lot, on the events of this past weekend.  I can't get into what happened very much.  I just hope that we're doing right by Dad.  I think we are. 

Slept much of the day away.  Very little to report this evening.

Bloodwork in the morning.  I'll be late for work.

Shh!  "Masterchef" is on.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post 1339 - Interview Update

Just a quick update to let you know the status of some upcoming Bevboy's Blog interviews.

I have really not begun transcribing the most recent interview, conducted nearly 2 weeks ago.  I was enjoying my vacation too much.  Then, I became busy with stuff related to the estate.  Time got away from me.  I should be able to start working on it, soon.

Today, I reached out to another radio person.  She asked me to email her with my interview request, so I did.  I haven't heard back from her just yet.  I'll let you know how that works out.

I was gonna do heck and all tonight, but instead, all I've really done is re-install Easy Peasy on this here netbook.  It is the most stable linux I've used yet.  It's too bad that this is one of the first generation of netbooks, with the small hard drive and the slower processor, as the newer linux distro's are designed to work on somewhat faster computers.  This runs acceptably well, though.  I just know better than to run too many things at once.  The 2 gigs of ram I have in this help, too.

Getting late.  Think I'll call it a night.

It's a night.

Hee hee.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Post 1338 - A Special Thanks

I meant to acknowledge this last week, when I was back in town, but life got away from me, so I'll do it now.

During the last few weeks, the local vlog Haligonia.ca mentioned Bevboy's Blog.  Thousands of people check it out every day.  To be mentioned there on feels really good, and almost makes me forgive the Downtown Halifax Development Corporation for not giving me the 100 dollar giftcard that they gave other local bloggers to spend in the downtown area.


The guy talking is a friend of mine.  I guess I shouldn't get into how I know him as we have to maintain a bit of mystery here at Bevboy's Blog.  Craigness has his own life, as I have mine, and we need to keep that mystery alive.  I mean, how many times have I given out my last name here, over the past 1338 posts?  Literally, how many times?

You get my point.

Thanks again, Craig, for mentioning this here silly blog.

You'll find the mention in the following link.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post 1337 – More About Dad

So, the 3 kids spent hours and hours yesterday sifting through our father’s effects, deciding what to keep and what to toss and what to sell. 

We discovered a number of very interesting things, such as a cheque Dad wrote to our late brother Dad -- 1968 World Series ContestErnest less than a month before his death, back in December of 1969.  It has Ernie’s signature on it, and I don’t remember ever seeing his signature before.  Fascinating.  Apparently, he was right handed, while the rest of us kids are left handed.

Dad had an interest in the 1968 World Series.  We found this stub for entering a contest to win tickets to the World Series.  I don’t think he won, or I would have grown up hearing about it to the point of triggering a substance abuse problem.

There is also Dad --1968 Valley Clean up - Larger this curious effect for a beautification contest in Kings County, Nova Scotia for the year 1968.  Notice the obvious type-written ad.  I wonder if they used a mimeograph machine to make the copies? 

Lastly, we found this Ode to a Teamster.  Dad had several sets of oxen (“cows” to you city dwellers) over the years, and proudly showed them off at oxpulls throughout the province.  I related the time Dad was at an oxpull in the city of Dartmouth and met the mayor, back when I presented his eulogy.  Go ahead and read it if you want to.  It’s one of the better Bevboy’s Blog posts.

The person who sent the Ode is named Karen.  Never mind the last name.  Her husband called the house a couple of months ago.  Mom took the call, and I happened to be there.  Dad -- Ode to a Teamster-1 He expressed an interest in some of Dad’s things, and I asked him to hold off until we had gone further down the road of probate.  I called him back this morning and played phone tag with him until this evening.  I was speaking to him on the phone at the very moment I was scanning in the “Ode to a Teamster” document.  I told Rod that, and he was flattered.

There are other things we found yesterday, like nearly every cheque he ever wrote.  Given how hard he had to work for the money he made, I’m not surprised he kept everything. 

Dad was also a sentimental old slob.  We found dozens of old birthday cards we had given him over the years, along with nearly as many bulletins for friends and relatives whose funerals he had attended over the years.  With some reluctance, those were all tossed.  Getting rid of those hurts a little bit.  I’ll be thinking about that one for a while.  Someone should start a website which displays digitized funeral bulletins.  It would be a popular site.

Dad kept an awful lot of things for a very long period of time.  Yesterday was a difficult day for us, as we waded through decades of his life and decided what to keep and what didn’t need to stay.  I hope that he’d approve of what we did, and what we’re doing as executors is what he would want us to do.  These decisions and actions are not easy to make for any of us, and more than a few tears have been shed. 

Dad, there will be many more blog posts about you, and more than a few of them very soon.

I miss your calls.

I miss you.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post 1336 - Another Busy Day

With my 2 sisters, I bundled up, tossed, saved, inventoried, laughed over, and cried over, many facets of my father's life today as we went through his things.

Dad was a pack rat. He entered a contest to win 2 tickets to the 1968 World Series. I have proof. There was also a unique contest from around that period that I will discuss tomorrow, after I scan in the piece of paper.

Dad was an interesting and complex man. We found out so much about him today. I felt closer to him after today as well. I feel his loss tonight as I thumb these words. That I will never see him again saddens me immeasurably.

I miss him so damned much.

I'm sorry. I can't write anymore.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Post 1335 - A Busy Day!

Been dealing with minor emergencies since I drove up to  be with my mother last evening.  Thanks to my brother-in-law, who knows everything, that particular one is solved.  Sweet.

I have  been on the go since 6:15 this morning.  I was running around to get the parts to solve that emergency, taking Mom to a hair appointment, dropping off commemorative cd's to Colin and Kate at K-Rock, taking Mom to the bank, to the doctor,to lunch, to the first drug store, then the second, to get groceries, then to a nearby fruit and vegetable stand, then to 2 bakeries, and finally to a meat market before returning her home.  Once again, a 78-year old woman who uses a cane wore me out.  I crashed on my bed for 30 minutes before taking a call from my sister, and then from Patricia. 

No rest for the weary.  I drove to the Port Williams library just now, whereat I type these silly words for your edification and amusement.  I hope you're feeling suitably edified and amused.  I know I am.  I'm so amused right now. 

I'm not gonna get into the details, but Saturday is going to be another trying day.  We're dealing with issues regarding Dad's estate.  I'll leave it at that if you don't mind. 

Dad is gone now, and that has to be accepted.  I started wearing his Bulova watch a few weeks ago, and it feels right on my wrist.  He seems a little closer to me somehow. 

Think I'll go crawl into a corner and sleep for 12 hours or so.

Right after I troll kijiji for a while.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Post 1334 – The Journey, Parts Six - Nine

Getting you all caught up on The Journey by Mark Dooley.

I will be going through my own journey this weekend to see my mother.  Lots of fun.  Looking forward to it.

Thanks, Mark.






Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post 1333 - A Special Tribute

Many of you know that I am on twitter.  I tweet every day.  I'm a tweeter.  I'm the tweet meister.

I follow many other tweeters including many celebrities.  And, I'm pleased to note, some 139 folks follow my tweets.

I am absolutely delighted to note here for the first time that the beautiful Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank, follows my tweets.  I kinda doubt if she reads many of my tweets, but I'll be sure to let her know about this blog post once it goes up.

I have enjoyed her singing for many years.  "These Boots Were Made for Walking" is such a treat to listen to, over and over again.  I had the greatest time tonight sifting through the various "Boots" videos on youtube, and this is my favourite.  You'll soon see why, gentlemen:

Back yet?  Go ahead and watch it again.  I sure did.

One of my favourite films of this decade is Tarantino's "Kill Bill" doubleheader.   One of Nancy's big hits was "Bang Bang", used in the soundtrack of the first film, and I'm happy to present it here.

Stan Carew played "Summer Wine" by Nancy and Lee Hazlewood on his CBC show back in early July.   Captivated by a song I hadn't remembered, I sought it out on Youtube.  Here's a performance of the song by her and Mr. Hazlewood.

"Summer Wine" is nearly a cottage industry for many artists, having been covered by many folks for many years.  I couldn't resist including this version, featuring The Corrs and Bono.

So, my tribute to the beautiful Nancy Sinatra.  I hope you like it.

And, more importantly, I hope she likes it.

Call me!  I'm in the book.


Post 1332 - So, Why Don't They Play Here?

I live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  You know that.  Everybody knows that.  I have lived and worked here for more than 20 years now, nearly half my life.

I found out a couple of years ago that there is a rock band called Halifax.  I find it ironic that, much in the same way that Robin Hood's tall sidekick was called Little John, and Henry VIII kept killing his wives because they wouldn't yield him a male heir (when it's the male of the species who determines the sex of a child!), Halifax has never played in, well, Halifax.

Apparently, they just liked the name of the place.  They'd never been here.  "Halifax" sounded exotic enough to them that they decided to name themselves after a seaport thousands of miles away from Sherman Oaks, California.

To return the irony, no Halifax radio station plays their music.  We're getting a new rock station this fall called Live 105.  It would be kinda neat to be able to hear their music locally.  I'll ask their pd, Rob Johnson, if that might be in the plans and report back here.

I thought that  you might enjoy reading a wikipedia article about these guys.   So, go ahead.

And, I thought you might also like to see their tour announcement from 2007.  Notice that Canadian dates would be announced later.  Probably after they found out how to get to ... Halifax!

Maybe even Dartmouth.

Hee hee.


Post 1331 – The Journey, Parts Two - Five

These are editions of Mark Dooley’s latest magnum opus that piled up in my inbox whilst I was on vacation.  I promised Mark I’d put up parts 2-5 upon my return.

Mark, your prolificness (prolificity?  prolificosity?) astounds me.  I figure you do this more than you breathe.  Am I right?  Hmm?  Am I?

Herewith: The latest editions of The Journey!

Expect more parts, soon.







Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post 1330 - An Arrest

I'm reluctant to write this post.  You see, the first time I wrote about Paula Gallant, the teacher in Timberlea, Nova Scotia, who was found dead in the trunk of her car that was parked in the parking lot of the school where she taught, I didn't have much to say, other than I was confident that the police would investigate the case professionally and that an arrest would eventually be made.  However, if you google "Paula Gallant" right now, you will see post 32 of Bevboy's Blog, which I wrote back in December of 2007.  It will likely be on the first page of the search.

I'm reluctant to write about it because people will continue to google her name and find that post, and likely now this one.  And many of them will likely not be happy about what I'm about to write.

They made an arrest this morning.  Her husband Jason MacRae was arrested on suspicion of her murder.  The police have until Wednesday morning to charge him formally or they will have to release him.

The blogosphere is rife with comments already.  So's Facebook.  Twitter?  Yep.  Everybody has a comment about this case, and most of them are of the type that MacRae must have done it.  He was guilty all along.  Blah blah blah. 

I'm one of those weirdos who think that people who are charged with a crime have the right to the presumption of innocence.  If he is formally charged, Jason MacRae will have the same rights that everybody else does.  He will have the right to hire the best lawyer he can.  He will have the right to defend himself against any charges levied against him. 

There are people out there, plenty of them, who "know" that MacRae did it.  He was "obviously" guilty.  I don't get it.  Did these people see the murder take place?  Were they there?  I know I wasn't.   Were you?  I don't know that MacRae did it.  I just know he's been arrested and, if charged, will one day have his day in court.  Let the justice system do its thing.  

It's the best we've got.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Post 1329 – The Early Bevboy – Part Six

Welcome to the sixth entry in the Early Bevboy.  This is the ongoing series in which I DSCF4287discuss, in some detail, the earlier parts of my life.  I still have no idea why anyone would give a poop about this series, as it is about as self-indulgent as any two Blue Rodeo albums put together. 

You are looking at a picture of Yolande Delmar, whom I knew years ago as Yolande McDonald.  The picture was taken at about 5:15 this afternoon at Cabin Coffee in downtown Halifax.  This woman, as beautiful now as ever, was an important part of my life.  I have never discussed this before, with anyone.  It is high time I did.

I finished my degree in December of 1987.  Out of sorts, and needing a job, I was allowed to work one last co-op work term, this one with the Nova Scotia Department of Finance.  This job began in very early January of '88.  I would graduate with my degree in May.  I was 23 years old and had no money and a sizeable student loan that would soon require attention. 

While I worked with Finance, it was understood that I would seek full-time employment in the city.  I dropped off my resume everywhere.  I had a few interviews.  They got me nowhere.  You know the drill.

A family friend, Peter Arnburg, worked at the client site where Yolande’s company had had a long-term working relationship.  He passed my resume to Yolande, the branch General Manager.  A few days later, she called me and arranged for an interview.

The interview was at the penthouse offices of SHL Systemhouse at 1660 Hollis Street, and I want to say it was February 19th, 1988.  So, I will.  It was a Friday.

A young lady working there offered me a coffee or tea.  I politely declined.  I wouldn’t start drinking coffee until I was 40.   When Yolande ushered me into her office, the first thing she asked was if I had been offered coffee.  I guess it was something that she wanted her staff to offer visitors.

The interview went well.  She asked about my marks.  She asked about my previous work experience.  Sensing my nervousness, she smiled and told me that she had every intention of hiring me.  I smiled in return, and we had a fine chat.

My birthday is on February 23rd.  I’m pretty sure on that day, 4 days after the interview, I signed the contract for the company and accepted plenty of documentation about the company that extolled its virtues.  My first day would be… February 14th, 1988, once again if memory serves. 

At the client site where they placed me, I learned a great deal and worked with many people who went on to be very successful in the local IT market.  I learned a lot, but not quickly. 

I’ll say this about university: It’s a great place to learn the theory of whatever you’re studying, but it’s a poor environment for learning the practical, hands on work that employers want.  I struggled at things that didn’t faze other co-workers who had attended vocational schools.  Frig, it was frustrating for me, and I know it was maddening for the people I worked with, as I disappointed them over and over again.

Yolande had the option of firing me after 6 months, and I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had.  I would have been devastated, but I wouldn’t have blamed her.  I wasn’t performing at the level I was expected to.  Instead, she ensured that my work responsibilities would increase incrementally rather than be overwhelmed all at once.  It saved me, and I never looked back.

Because of Yolande, I got a second chance, and I didn’t squander it.  I remained at that client site and earned two promotions by dint of hard work.  And, it is my conceit that I earned the respect of the people I worked with.  That’s always meant a lot to me.  It’s a good thing those things happened, too, because that client site is where I met Patricia, over 20 years ago.  It’s where I met Kevin, avid Bevboy’s Blog reader, who hired me for my present job 19 years after we first met.  That building where I first worked in 1988 is the building I returned to in 2007.  And, among many other things, I got the name “Bevboy” from working there.   

I owe all this, and much more, to Yolande McDonald for taking a chance on a kid who needed a job and had little practical experience, but who also had a nearly obsessive urge to please others.  These words seem hollow, and are woefully insufficient, but: Thank you, Yolande.  Thanks for being Yo, Yo.

Next in this series (and this time I mean it): My highschool class prophecy.  I just need to find some good open source OCR software.  Can you help a fella out?


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post 1328 - (Again) Back In The City

We are  back in Halifax, arriving about 5pm.  We didn't leave as early as we said we would.

I decided to  bookend my vacation by mowing the lawn.  I mowed the lawn on my first day at the cottage.  I mowed it again this morning, 16 days after arrival.

I return to work in the morning.  I still can't get over how quickly vacations fly by.  They seem to go by quicker every year. 

Back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to dealing with Dad's estate. 

Is it time for my next vacation yet?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Post 1327 - Sob!

The last few hours at the cottage for a few weeks. Tomorrow morning we return to the city. Work beckons on Monday.

Vacations go by too quickly. There oughta be a law.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Post 1326 - I Need Your Help


So, it's been more than 2 weeks since I've had a shave. See for yourself.

I tried having a beard a few years ago and took great delight in shaving it off. This time, it may be different.

What do you think, o Bevboy's Blog readers? Do I keep this beard, or do I shave it off? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know!

I will decide the beard's fate Monday morning.

Thanks, everyone!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Post 1325 - A Hot Day

Slept in this morning.  Drove to the town of Pictou for breakfast.  After that, we drove to the Balmoral Grist Mill to see how they made oats 100 years ago. 

We picked up some sausages for dinner tonight and are looking forward to them very much. 

Still jazzed about the interview last evening.  It will take me a hundred years to transcribe it, but the effort will be worth it. 

This is the penultimate day of my vacation.  One more day to go.  My frig, vacations go by quickly.  In 2006, we took 3 weeks of vacation.  Perhaps next year we'll do the same.  That 3rd week was heavenly. 

Time to throw some pig meat on the grill. 

Ciao for now.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post 1324 - Phew!

A very long day.

Patricia prepared an amazing meal for us and our American friends. After dinner, I conducted a 4 hour interview with the guy, who knows EVERYBODY. Any discussion involving Penn and Teller, the Lobster Boy, and Oofty Goofty is far ranging, right?

As usual, I'm looking forward to sharing the whole thing with you.

It is late. Very late. A long day with a bit of alcohol leads to a long summer's nap.


From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post 1323 - One More Sleep!

This time tomorrow night, I'll be interviewing our cottage neighbour.

We walked down to their cottage late this morning for the formal invitation to dinner for Wednesday night.  90 minutes later we left, having been bombarded by fascinating story after story.  None of it was recorded, of course.  That happens tomorrow night.  Yes, I brought all my recording equipment to vacation.  The digital cameras are used for much more than these interviews, and so is the camcorder.   The digital voice recorder is used for pretty much just the interviews, but I brought it anyway.

We drove into New Glasgow this afternoon to obtain a few provisions for tomorrow night.  This will be like a state dinner, with beer afterward, followed by a very long  conversation.  It's a good thing my recorder can record up to 138 hours of material.

I am so excited I could pee myself.  But I'll be professional.

Seriously, this is gonna be one Hell of an interview.  You will love it.  It has the Bevboy seal of approval.

One more sleep.  Just one.



Monday, August 9, 2010

Post 1322 - The Second Week

Began second week of vacation today.

Tell me something: Is it possible to do less than nothing in a given day? Literally?

I came pretty close.

I got up late, watched a movie this afternoon, watched the news, and did the dishes. Not quite nothing, but I didn't exactly cure cancer today, or run a marathon, or take pi to its millionth position.

I did nothing today, other than take up space in an existential kind of way. I existed. I was. And it felt good.

Pass the chips.

Oh, shit. Patricia says we don't have any. This vacation sucks.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post 1321 - Exciting News!

The next Bevboy's blog interview will happen later on this week.

It will be with our American cottage neighbor. Very interesting guy who publishes books and is a frequent go to guy for tv documentaries regarding his areas of expertise.

He is also good friends with magicians like Penn and Teller and Ricky Jay. It will be awesome. He visited us Saturday afternoon and regaled us, off the record, for 2 hours.

This interview will rock your world. I mean it. Rock. Your. World.

I'm so excited!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post 1320 - Sleepless Days And Sleepless Nights

Remember that Freddy Fender song?  Of course you don't.

I generally sleep well.  However, last night, a confluence of events robbed me of my rest.  I was awake until nearly 4:30 this morning.

I was thinking about my father.  I was thinking about other things.  And, frankly,  I had had so much sleep for so many days in a row that I suppose my body didn't need any more sleep for a while.   All I know is, after watching "Whiteout" last evening (it is a film starring  the talented and fragrant Kate Beckingsale) we went to bed and remained awake.  A clatter from the kitchen got us up.  Turned out Newbie broke a dish.  We decided go remain up and watched "Pulp Fiction" on late night CBC.  They run their late night films uncut, and it was a gas to see it again after several  years. 

We remained up, watching Pulp Fiction until 4 this morning.  Patricia dozed a bit during the latter parts of the film, but I was wide awake, Dondi-eyed, as vigilant as the Sphinx.  She went to bed at 4 and fell asleep pretty quickly.  I stayed up and watched part of an infomercial before going back to bed.  Sleep eventually claimed me.

We were up early this morning to attend a local farmer's market.  From there, we went to a bakery a short distance away that's run by Mennonites.  Turns out that the girls are expected to cease their formal education after the 9th grade, which is sad.  They're allowed to get nurse's training or something like that; but otherwise, the formal education is done at around the age of 15.  How very sad. 

We went to a yard sale on the way back, and are now at the River John Library yet again, with 2 cups of strong coffee coursing through my veins, secure in the knowledge that the adrenaline or whatever is keeping me going will run out, and I'll sleep for 18 hours.

Heck, I'd settle for 17.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Post 1319 - Dear Humidity

Dear Humidity:

Thank you for visiting again this year.  We had thought that when you dropped by last month, and left suddenly, you would go visit some other folks for a while.  But, no.  You decided to come back.  What a delightful surprise!

You have come back in a big way.  You have made it impossible to sleep or be nice to one's significant other for long periods of time.  You have made us irritable and forgetful and impatient.  I write from experience.  Why, just this afternoon, we both forgot the door we left through this morning, and caused ourselves much unnecessary inconvenience and vituperation.  My betrothed may start talking to me again in a few days.  Sleeping in the car shouldn't be that bad.  Not sure where Newbie will rest.

Please, leave us now.  We have enjoyed your visit, but it is time for you to go to other parts of the world and leave us.  Nova Scotia summers are brief.  We like it a bit cooler in the mornings and in the evenings.   I want to be able to speak to my significant other for a while without sweat trickling down my nether regions, and the heat frying my brain.  We want to spend the rest of our lives together, and want those lives to be long and rich with incident, not short, and ridden with impatience and an urge to scream at each other.

Go visit New Brunswick or PEI for a while.

They miss you.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post 1318 - What We're Doing Tonight

A neat presentation at the Brule Community Centre.

Looking forward to it.

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Post 1317 - Newbie's On Vacation, Too!

Newbie is enjoying his time off, too. He is having a well-deserved nap.

May join him soon.


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post 1316 - Another Day At The Cottage

Got up early, just long enough to take out the garbage, before returning to bed for several hours.

Finally got up, but took a long nap around 12:30 and didn't really get up until 3pm.

Had a salmon dinner.

Watched last week's America's Got Talent.

Did the dishes just now.

Tomorrow: The library and internet access. Looking forward to it.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post 1315 - A Day At The Cottage

Slept in this morning. Took a long nap this afternoon. Been reading a Thomas Perry novel in between.

Yep. Another day on vacation at the cottage!

Where's my mud bath?

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Post 1314 - Yes, It Happens

People do walk their cats. We walk Cindy.

Here's proof.

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Post 1313 - Today's Breakfast

Who needs a fancy breakfast at an upscale restaurant? I just had to walk to the kitchen this morning for Eggs Patricia. Garlic toast with salmon, poached egg and parmesan cheese sauce, garnished with fresh garden chives. Don't forget the fresh ground organic coffee.

Frickin' amazing victuals. Keep it up, Patricia.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Post 1312 - An Open Invitation?

In Pictou for brunch. Saw this truck with the message written in the dirt. Had to send it along.

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