Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post 1323 - One More Sleep!

This time tomorrow night, I'll be interviewing our cottage neighbour.

We walked down to their cottage late this morning for the formal invitation to dinner for Wednesday night.  90 minutes later we left, having been bombarded by fascinating story after story.  None of it was recorded, of course.  That happens tomorrow night.  Yes, I brought all my recording equipment to vacation.  The digital cameras are used for much more than these interviews, and so is the camcorder.   The digital voice recorder is used for pretty much just the interviews, but I brought it anyway.

We drove into New Glasgow this afternoon to obtain a few provisions for tomorrow night.  This will be like a state dinner, with beer afterward, followed by a very long  conversation.  It's a good thing my recorder can record up to 138 hours of material.

I am so excited I could pee myself.  But I'll be professional.

Seriously, this is gonna be one Hell of an interview.  You will love it.  It has the Bevboy seal of approval.

One more sleep.  Just one.



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