Thursday, August 12, 2010

Post 1325 - A Hot Day

Slept in this morning.  Drove to the town of Pictou for breakfast.  After that, we drove to the Balmoral Grist Mill to see how they made oats 100 years ago. 

We picked up some sausages for dinner tonight and are looking forward to them very much. 

Still jazzed about the interview last evening.  It will take me a hundred years to transcribe it, but the effort will be worth it. 

This is the penultimate day of my vacation.  One more day to go.  My frig, vacations go by quickly.  In 2006, we took 3 weeks of vacation.  Perhaps next year we'll do the same.  That 3rd week was heavenly. 

Time to throw some pig meat on the grill. 

Ciao for now.


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