Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post 1330 - An Arrest

I'm reluctant to write this post.  You see, the first time I wrote about Paula Gallant, the teacher in Timberlea, Nova Scotia, who was found dead in the trunk of her car that was parked in the parking lot of the school where she taught, I didn't have much to say, other than I was confident that the police would investigate the case professionally and that an arrest would eventually be made.  However, if you google "Paula Gallant" right now, you will see post 32 of Bevboy's Blog, which I wrote back in December of 2007.  It will likely be on the first page of the search.

I'm reluctant to write about it because people will continue to google her name and find that post, and likely now this one.  And many of them will likely not be happy about what I'm about to write.

They made an arrest this morning.  Her husband Jason MacRae was arrested on suspicion of her murder.  The police have until Wednesday morning to charge him formally or they will have to release him.

The blogosphere is rife with comments already.  So's Facebook.  Twitter?  Yep.  Everybody has a comment about this case, and most of them are of the type that MacRae must have done it.  He was guilty all along.  Blah blah blah. 

I'm one of those weirdos who think that people who are charged with a crime have the right to the presumption of innocence.  If he is formally charged, Jason MacRae will have the same rights that everybody else does.  He will have the right to hire the best lawyer he can.  He will have the right to defend himself against any charges levied against him. 

There are people out there, plenty of them, who "know" that MacRae did it.  He was "obviously" guilty.  I don't get it.  Did these people see the murder take place?  Were they there?  I know I wasn't.   Were you?  I don't know that MacRae did it.  I just know he's been arrested and, if charged, will one day have his day in court.  Let the justice system do its thing.  

It's the best we've got.


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