Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post 1332 - So, Why Don't They Play Here?

I live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  You know that.  Everybody knows that.  I have lived and worked here for more than 20 years now, nearly half my life.

I found out a couple of years ago that there is a rock band called Halifax.  I find it ironic that, much in the same way that Robin Hood's tall sidekick was called Little John, and Henry VIII kept killing his wives because they wouldn't yield him a male heir (when it's the male of the species who determines the sex of a child!), Halifax has never played in, well, Halifax.

Apparently, they just liked the name of the place.  They'd never been here.  "Halifax" sounded exotic enough to them that they decided to name themselves after a seaport thousands of miles away from Sherman Oaks, California.

To return the irony, no Halifax radio station plays their music.  We're getting a new rock station this fall called Live 105.  It would be kinda neat to be able to hear their music locally.  I'll ask their pd, Rob Johnson, if that might be in the plans and report back here.

I thought that  you might enjoy reading a wikipedia article about these guys.   So, go ahead.

And, I thought you might also like to see their tour announcement from 2007.  Notice that Canadian dates would be announced later.  Probably after they found out how to get to ... Halifax!

Maybe even Dartmouth.

Hee hee.


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kevin.tillman said...

Bev, a few years ago when i read about this band on the interweb ;) I read that an original member that no longer is with the band named it after the city Halifax, a place he recalled fondly when he was here as a kid at a hockey tournament (probably SEDMHA)