Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post 1333 - A Special Tribute

Many of you know that I am on twitter.  I tweet every day.  I'm a tweeter.  I'm the tweet meister.

I follow many other tweeters including many celebrities.  And, I'm pleased to note, some 139 folks follow my tweets.

I am absolutely delighted to note here for the first time that the beautiful Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank, follows my tweets.  I kinda doubt if she reads many of my tweets, but I'll be sure to let her know about this blog post once it goes up.

I have enjoyed her singing for many years.  "These Boots Were Made for Walking" is such a treat to listen to, over and over again.  I had the greatest time tonight sifting through the various "Boots" videos on youtube, and this is my favourite.  You'll soon see why, gentlemen:

Back yet?  Go ahead and watch it again.  I sure did.

One of my favourite films of this decade is Tarantino's "Kill Bill" doubleheader.   One of Nancy's big hits was "Bang Bang", used in the soundtrack of the first film, and I'm happy to present it here.

Stan Carew played "Summer Wine" by Nancy and Lee Hazlewood on his CBC show back in early July.   Captivated by a song I hadn't remembered, I sought it out on Youtube.  Here's a performance of the song by her and Mr. Hazlewood.

"Summer Wine" is nearly a cottage industry for many artists, having been covered by many folks for many years.  I couldn't resist including this version, featuring The Corrs and Bono.

So, my tribute to the beautiful Nancy Sinatra.  I hope you like it.

And, more importantly, I hope she likes it.

Call me!  I'm in the book.


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Jane MacDonald said...

Nancy Sinatra was a real fox in her day!

I knew all these songs, but had no idea who sung them. Now i do!

Great post Bev